National Puppy Day

Due to March 23 being National Puppy Day, {a day just for celebrating your puppies <3} I feel that a post about my pups is necessary! We have two dogs in our family, Thorpe and Coba, they are both large dogs but they both think they are lap dogs. Thorpe is an Airedale Terrier and he weighs about 65 pounds. Coba is a mix of Malamute, Akita, and a little bit of wolf. The wolf in her seems to scare people when we tell them but Coba is such a lover, and she is about 85 pounds.

thorpepupI can’t believe this but Thorpe is already almost two years old, his birthday is on April 6. We got him from a breeder in northern Ohio, called Anne’s Airedales and they were awesome to work with. We got to pick which pup we wanted when they were about six weeks old and then when Thorpe was eight weeks old, we got to bring him home with us. We were so excited! My husband had an Airedale Terrier when he was growing up as well, her name was Lingo, and she was such an amazing dog with such a big personality. Because of Lingo, Cory will neverpuppucino not have an Airedale Terrier. Lingo and Thorpe both have been such great family dogs and they mean the world to us. Cory liked the name Thorpe due to Jim Thorpe, the greatest athlete of the 2oth century, in LaRue, Ohio. A little fact about Jim Thorpe: He played and managed a local professional football team that played in Marion, Ohio and his team advertised Walter Lingo‘s Airedale Terriers. The dogs provided entertainment during the football games as well! Thorpe is just as much a lover as he is stubborn and feisty, and he is definitely Graham’s protector.


DSC_0684.JPGCoba’s birthday is November 24, 2015, so she is just over a year old. She is a very well-behaved dog in the listening aspect, besides when she wants your attention! She will do anything to have someone petting her and loving on her. We got Coba from a friend in Richwood, Ohio. We picked her up shortly after we got back from our honeymoon, which is where she got her name from. While we were in DSC_0984.JPGMexico, on our honeymoon, one of our excursions was visiting the Mayan Ruins of Coba in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Cory had always wanted a wolf hybrid and when I saw her I had to have her. Only a month after we got Coba we found out that we were pregnant with Graham, so we knew that we were going to have our hands full, but our house would not be a home without our pups.

These two pups complete our family and have already brought so much love into our home, so Happy National Puppy Day to Thorpe and Coba ♥


mrs. motivated mommy




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