Make Up Your Own Holiday

March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! Who would have guessed that this was a thing? There are many unique and interesting unofficial holidays but today is your day to make one up! Some of these unofficial holidays are pretty silly but this one is kind of intriguing to me. If you could Make Up Your Own Holiday, what would you do? How would you celebrate? Who or what would you celebrate? A phrase, food, drink, animal, thing or person? Who would you spend your holiday with? You can create your holiday and celebrate this day as you wish every year! I think it would be fun to make this day a tradition for our family to do something fun! I mean who doesn’t enjoy celebrating? {Cake, balloons, a party, champagne, ice cream} I am excited to start creating new traditions with my little family and I think this could be something that we continue year after year.

I enjoy spending holidays with my family and friends so that is who I would spend this day with. We would spend this day doing all of the things we love, including: sleeping in, eating our favorite foods, having a party, maybe going to the zoo, playing basketball {husband’s favorite}, fishing, playing outside with the dogs, watching movies, and we could end the day with hot chocolate by a fire. We would celebrate our family and friends. We would eat our favorite breakfast {which we actually already did today} french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, hashbrowns, sausage, pancakes, bacon, and coffee. {Poor Graham only got milk, but I am sure at this time next year he’ll be enjoying all of the above!}  We could each choose our favorite fun activity and do these throughout the day. We would probably have pizza for lunch because this is definitely a favorite meal of ours. Then we could have a dinner party with friends and family. For dinner we could have perch or steaks with mac and cheese and homemade mashed potatoes, with cupcakes and strawberry pie {with lots of whipped cream} for dessert. We could watch the sunset and play with sparklers, or have fireworks. Before bed, we would have a fire, hot chocolate, and s’mores. This would be a perfect day, a perfect way to celebrate.


So start your tradition today and Make Up Your Own Holiday! Let’s Celebrate ♥  Comment below to let me know how you would celebrate! Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!


mrs. motivated mommy



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