Five Months Old

Hi all 🙂

So sorry I have been out for a short period of time! I just recently moved to a new job within my company so I have been busy getting used to the new position, as well as a new schedule. I also am really enjoying learning new things! In addition to that, my sweet boy has been sick, which we recently found out is due to more teeth coming in {yes, he almost has four teeth and may have already had his first trim on his hair!}.

I cannot believe Graham Rocky is {over} five months old now! Time is flying by! Everyone has always said that once you have kids, time just goes by so fast, and now I know exactly what they’re talking about. I feel like I was just in labor yesterday {so glad that’s not the case!} My baby boy is gaining quite the personality, and Cory and I are absolutely loving every minute of it. We realized that we need to start taking in absolutely every moment with our babe because he is already out of the baby stage and is becoming an awesome little human.

Graham is almost 16 pounds and 26 inches long! He has two teeth, and I am guessing that he will soon have four! We are going to start him on some baby foods here soon, so I will keep you updated on how that goes. I am so excited to see how Graham does with all of the new foods! He is constantly rolling over and he loves looking at himself in the mirror. He is holding his own bottle and is already very independent. He has to put his binky in on his own and he enjoys listening to music during car rides. He is constantly slobbering and laughing. He loves standing up and he is so strong! Graham is still sleeping through the night which is awesome! He also has found a new love for phones and the tv! He is close to saying mama and dada, but I think he will start consistently saying mama first. I may be pushing for mama to be his first word {just a little}!

He is starting to get into his own little routine as well, which is nice and hard at the same time. We just recently found out that if we keep him out past his bedtime {we may have stayed out a little late watching some march madness games!}, it messes with his schedule for a few days. So we are trying to be better about making sure that he is sleeping and eating near the same times every day. Speaking of that, he just woke up from his nightly nap and is ready for his bottle before bed time. Thanks for stopping by!


mrs. motivated mommy


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