Summer to Fall Skin Hacks

Transitioning your skin care from Summer to Fall is very important in keeping your skin healthy. I have always had a hard time with my skin but it seems that when I correlate my skin care with the season, it helps to keep me on track.

Steps to keep your skin healthy in the change of the season:

  • Moisturize
    • Your skin needs more moisture in the cooler months. With the temperatures dropping, the amount of moisture you are putting on your skin should be increased. It is much easier for your skin to dry out in the cooler months, so don’t forget to hydrate! A heavier moisturizer in the cooler months is beneficial in preventing rough, dried-out skin.


  • Drink Water
    • Drinking water will help to flush out the toxins. Even though it isn’t as hot outside, you need to keep up on your water intake. Drinking water helps to keep your skin happy with the additional hydration.


  • Nightly Routine
    • Coming up with a nightly routine {and sticking to it} is extremely important for your skin. During the summer, everyone is so busy it’s hard to keep up with a nightly regime but with fall kicking in this is very important. Try to stick with a routine of makeup removal, face wash, toner, and then a good moisturizer.


  • Treatment
    • Try to schedule a facial or do an at-home treatment to help get rid of the damage that summer could have caused. With sweat, sand, dirt, chlorine, etc. being a part of summer, getting a good facial or treatment is very beneficial to your skin care. Also adding an exfoliation to your skin care routine once in a while will help with removing dead cells and revealing fresh skin cells.


  • SPF
    • Even with summer ending, continue to use sunblock. Many beauty products have some SPF in them, but using an additional sunblock is beneficial in keeping your skin healthy.


  • Listen to your Skin
    • Everyone’s skin is different. Pay attention to your skin! This is the most important, as you know your body. If you’re using too much moisturizer for your skin and it gets greasy, back off a little or get moisturizer that isn’t quite as strong.



mrs. motivated mommy


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