Chilly Fall Night

A perfect cool fall night for me would be spent with my husband in our home. I love curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and vegging out.  We would either binge watch our current, favorite series {right now we’re excited to have This Is Us, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy back}, or we would watch a movie. I already have our fall decor up and that just makes our home seem so much cozier.

I also love having a fire going in the fall and winter. I get too excited to have a fire, and make some popcorn and hot chocolate! As soon as we have our first cool night for the season I am ready to get the fireplace going and put on a comfy sweater!

We would start a fire, then eat dinner under a chunky fur blanket while watching our movie. To be completely honest I am bad about waiting until after Thanksgiving to watch Christmas movies, so I would probably try to talk Cory into watching Christmas Vacation or Home Alone 2 {these are two of my favorites!} Then we would make popcorn to enjoy while finishing our movie. To wrap the night up, we would enjoy some hot chocolate before bed.


What would your perfect fall night consist of?



mrs. motivated mommy



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