Best Fall Memory

My best fall memory would have to be making pumpkin pies with my mom, sometimes my brother would decide to join us as well but I don’t think he was as excited about it! {He was more excited for the post-baking process…eating the pies!}

My mom makes the best pumpkin pies! I don’t know what she does that makes them so much better, or maybe it’s just that we make them together. Back when I was in high school she decided to start baking pies for all of our friends and family the day before thanksgiving. This led to us making about 20 pies, so after some experience we decided to break it up over a few days.

We have enjoyed this for many years now, and I look forward to joining her in baking the pies again this coming November. My brother and I felt compelled to deliver all of the pies on Thanksgiving morning but now that I have Graham, it makes it a little more difficult. It was always really neat to see how excited our friends and family would get when we delivered their pie. I hope that someday the tradition will carry on and Graham and his siblings can deliver the pies to our close friends and family.

My mom is one of the most caring, generous, and selfless people I know. This fall tradition of hers proves these characteristics true, as well as many other things that she does to bring happiness to her loved ones. A huge thank you to her for making this memory with me year after year, I truly appreciate it more than she knows and I will always hold this memory dear to my heart.

What is your favorite fall memory/tradition?




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