Becoming a mom was the best feeling in the world {post delivery}, but every mother needs some balance to her life.  I am a first time mom, and my son, Graham, is only four months old (so I clearly am not anywhere near an expert). I absolutely adore my baby boy, and him and my husband are the two best things to ever happen to me but all moms need a break sometimes, which doesn’t mean you love your baby any less! Even if your escape is just a nap, or a glass of wine, or even just a moment to breathe or vent about a bad day. Moms need a good balance between motherhood, marriage, friends, family, hobbies, fun, etc.



Some tips that help me balance life are:

  1. Expect the unexpected
    • I used to be a big-time planner. I literally planned everything, so this has been a hard one for me but I am improving.
  2. Use your outlets {husband, mom, friends}
  3. Be present
    • Take in each moment!
  4. Prioritize
    • lists are my go-to
  5. Set goals
    • short-term & long-term
  6. Stay positive!

I hope these help you to balance your daily life. Thanks for stopping by!


mrs. motivated mommy