My Birth Story

Now that my baby is a year old, I think I am ready to share my birth story with you all. It was nothing like the movies, and not at all what I expected. I expected to go early due to my  placental abruption {which I discuss in my pregnancy story- linked here}, and I … More My Birth Story

Best Fall Memory

My best fall memory would have to be making pumpkin pies with my mom, sometimes my brother would decide to join us as well but I don’t think he was as excited about it! {He was more excited for the post-baking process…eating the pies!} My mom makes the best pumpkin pies! I don’t know what … More Best Fall Memory

Our Love Story

I love looking back at things like this; I cherish these memories and am so glad that we took the time to write these down. My husband, Cory, and I decided to do a wedding website while we were engaged, where we both briefly wrote memories of our past as young friends and as a … More Our Love Story

Eleven Months Old

Graham Rocky is eleven months old! I can’t believe my baby will be a year old on November 3 {I may be getting slightly emotional as November nears}! Graham is the most perfect little boy, and Cory and I feel so blessed to be his parents every day. He now gives kisses which I love, … More Eleven Months Old

A Little Inspiration

Sometimes we all just need a little inspiration â™¥   We should be thankful every day that we wake up, that we are alive and capable of living another day! Your happiness is important, be yourself. There is only one you! It never hurts to make someone else feel good about themselves as well! All you … More A Little Inspiration

Ten Months Old

Graham is 10 months old! I cannot believe we are already starting to plan my sweet boy’s first birthday! At ten months, Graham’s favorite things are crawling as fast as he can and playing with cousin Lydia. He is so close to taking off, he’ll take 5-6 steps on his own and then just stops … More Ten Months Old