Ten Months Old

Graham is 10 months old! I cannot believe we are already starting to plan my sweet boy’s first birthday! At ten months, Graham’s favorite things are crawling as fast as he can and playing with cousin Lydia. He is so close to taking off, he’ll take 5-6 steps on his own and then just stops … More Ten Months Old


I still remember this day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the library at my elementary school with my fellow classmates, we were too young to truly understand what exactly was going on but I remember the shock and fear on our teachers faces. This day in 2001 is among one of the … More 9/11/2001

Fall Favorites

Summer and Spring are a nice little break from the cold, but I love fall and winter. I could never live somewhere that there was no snow or leaves changing colors, I just love the scenery of the cooler seasons. Family pictures are a must for my family in the upcoming seasons with our favorite … More Fall Favorites