My Pregnancy

My pregnancy was beautiful, amazing, and humbling, but I also had a few moments of fear and uncertainty. This was my first pregnancy so I was unsure of what all to expect during this time. My pregnancy holds some of my favorite times in life and also some of the most frightening, but overall it was … More My Pregnancy

Baby Booties

My current favorite fashion piece for my son are the Zutano Booties! These cute little booties go with absolutely everything and you can get them for different seasons, as they come in cotton or in fleece. My son was born in November and he has been wearing Zutano Cozie Fleece Booties for the cold season, and they are perfect! … More Baby Booties

Favorite Cheap Wines

I am big fan of wine; white, red, rosé, sparkling, blends, sweet and dry. Coming home from work and enjoying a nice glass of wine is one of the best endings to the day (or while watching Grey’s Anatomy or This Is Us, or just while chatting with my husband about our day)! Sometimes maybe drinking … More Favorite Cheap Wines

My boys

These two are my motivation for everything in life. I can truly say that I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to my little family, as I am blessed by an amazing husband and the sweetest little man. These two mean the absolute world to me and I don’t know how I … More My boys

Balancing Life

Becoming a mom was the best feeling in the world {post delivery}, but every mother needs some balance to her life.  I am a first time mom, and my son, Graham, is only four months old (so I clearly am not anywhere near an expert). I absolutely adore my baby boy, and him and my husband are … More Balancing Life